Railway safety systems (signaling)

We perform a wide range of activities related to the specific tasks set by railway transport such as design, maintenance and operation of sites and especially ensuring train safety.

  • Complete design and modernization of the security systems in stations and interstations of one railway section;
  • Design and construction of route – computer centralizations for the stations (regardless of the manufacturer of the equipment) and meeting the requirements for a degree of safety not lower than SIL 4;
  • Design and construction of control systems for railway sections based on axis counting and replacement of existing rail circuits with axis counters;
  • Design, manufacture and construction of a system for data transmission (information and control) of an automatic crossing device via optical cable;
  • Organization of warranty, post-warranty service and, at the request of the client, complete maintenance of the implemented systems;
  • Application in the projects of new, with increased efficiency in operation, electric point machines;
  • Application of new energy-saving signals in railway transport;
  • Implementation of accompanying activities such as: design, installation (including cable networks), installation (of external and internal facilities), commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service of railway transport systems;
  • Delivery of tools for maintenance, measurement and testing of systems;

All activities for design, production, construction and service observe and guarantee compliance with CENELEC standards: BSS EN 50126; BSS EN 50128; BSS EN 50129.

Our products are subjected to highly efficient laboratory and test examinations in real conditions, and are in regular operation.