• Network configurations
  • Selection of hardware, network and infrastructure equipment
  • Implementation plan: human, financial and time resources
  • Modulation of software projects
  • Design of a system architecture


  • BER Testing, fault analysis, service interruption, and PDH E1 data transmission circuitry for Data Nx64k with interfaces V35, V24, X21, RS232, RS449 and PDH E1 G.703/704 with interfaces of 75Ω And 120Ω.
  • BER Testing, fault analysis, service interruption and monitoring of the digital signal transmission circuit for PDH E1 to E4 and STM1/4/16 and Ethernet 100Mbps & 1GE optical and Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T electrical.
  • Full analysis of Ethernet OAM, VLAN, Q-in-Q, VPLS, MPLS, and PBB/PBT Tunneling Technologies 100Mbps & 1GE optics; 10/100/1000Base-T electrical.
  • ILS field measurements to achieve maximum efficiency and quality in the development of Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul networks.

  • Production of customized and standard PCBs.
  • Hardware programming
  • Programming of web, mobile and desktop applications as well as server platforms.
  • Low- and high-level software languages: C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python
  • Functional and efficient databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle
  • Production and integration of complex systems with multiple subsystems.

  • Calibration and set-up of radio relay systems;
  • Complex testing of network, telecommunication and hardware equipment before and after its integration into the final system;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing in the specialized anechoic chamber of the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology

  • Installation of telecommunication equipment in military, railway and civilian facilities
  • Installation of signalling equipment on railway lines
  • Installation of station equipment
  • On-site and remote installation of specialized software

  • Training by CISCO-certified network specialists on the network equipment structure and use;
  • Training on the use of a software interface;
  • Training on the use of other systems supplied by Balkantel;
  • Conducting training courses and seminars;
  • Carrying out a “workshop” allowing practical training;
  • Joint training with universities;

  • Guaranteed warranty maintenance of the equipment installed by Balkantel;
  • Possibility for post-warranty maintenance;
  • Servicing of equipment provided by Balkantel as well as by other suppliers;
  • Guaranteed maintenance quality by our experienced and certified technicians and engineers;

  • Consultations on technical solutions in multiple fields such as IT, Defence, Railways, Energetics, Telecom;
  • Consultancy on trade, marketing, law and management of high-tech projects;
  • Commercial department specialized in the trade, administrative, legal and technical part of the projects. The department consists of Sales Engineers and merchants specialized in Deliveries, Logistics and Marketing;
  • Balkantel has high-level Project Managers with long-term work experience and managerial education;
  • Balkantel works with lawyers specialized in the high technology law sector;


An important part of the company’s development strategy is the continuous improvement and achievement of the highest standards in the assigned projects execution. Balkantel maintains an Integrated Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018, with an initial certification dated back in 2002.

Balkantel is also certified under the requirements of NATO’s Alliance Publication AQAP 2110 on the design, delivery, system integration and deployment of complex telecommunication and information systems.

Balkantel executes the assigned projects on the basis of clearly defined operational, information and control procedures. The service quality expected by the customer is monitored at each stage of the project implementation – from the selection of the best teams to the review of the work done at any moment along the project execution, and is ensured by the commitment of the Management and the entire staff in accordance with the implemented Integrated Quality Management System.


Balkantel quality assurance, environment and health & safety policy – Open

Balkantel quality assurance, environment and health & safety policy – Open