RADISVoice Communication and Control System


Secure Communications for Mission Success

Communications are critical in order to guarantee effective coordination and operational success during tactical missions. Each military organisation has specific requirements in security, scale and interfaces.

RADIS Voice Communication and Control System (VCCS) unifies all modern and legacy communications into a single available, secure and reliable system to significantly improve operational efficiency.

Our IP-based system offers industry-leading availability and enables integration of all critical communications, significantly improving communications between all land, sea and air forces.


Availability & Security

  • No single-point-of-failure due to redundant military-grade hardware and decentralized software
  • Integration of encryption according to customer specification
  • Centralized monitoring of equipment ensures early fault detection


  • Interface with all communications (i.e LTE, GSM, TETRA, DMR, VoIP and legacy devices)
  • Scalability enables mobile, small and large-scale deployments
  • Client-specific and customizable UI for ease of use


  • Full compliance with NATO, ICAO and EUROCAE standards
  • Predefined system upgrades and support to meet upcoming regulatory requirements


  • Integration with existing modern and legacy networks minimizes cost
  • Modular hardware is designed according to capacity needs
  • Long-term capacity expansion upgrades according to operational needs


Modular COTS hardware and decentralized software create flexibility in deployment. Investment is strictly defined by the required capacity with options for operation expansion. This minimizes CAPEX and operational costs by targeting investment to the specific use-case and capacity requirement.



During operations, specific communication functions may be required according to client specifications. Balkantel offers custom functions and encryption integration developed to meet customer needs and workflows, with the goal to provide a tactical edge and superiority on the battlefield.


Secure and Flexible

RADIS is designed based on our longstanding experience in the defense industry. System architecture is built on security, availability and reliability. By using COTS hardware, end-to-end encryption and decentralized software, RADIS guarantees reliable coordination between forces on all available legacy and modern communications.



Full compliance with leading industry standards from NATO, ICAO and EUROCAE guarantee seamless integration with third party devices and reliable communication with other forces during joint operations and training maneuvers.



Hardware and software upgrades designed to be deployed on top of existing infrastructure minimize investment for operation expansion, extend service life and ensure system is up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.



Full-scale integration with the Umbrella Network Monitoring System (NMS) increases system reliability by monitoring all critical communications, navigation and auxiliary equipment in real time. Scalable at local, site or national level – Umbrella enables end-to-end system monitoring, timely maintenance and effective fault response for all equipment.

Turnkey software and hardware solution

Reliable solution at scale