Establishment of new airport radar complex Sofia | 2016 – 2017 | BULATSA


CLIENT: “Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority” (BULATSA)
TERM: 2016 – 2017
LOCATION: Bulgaria, Sofia airport
STATUS: Completed

Project goals:

  • Modernization of radar complexes for BULATSA: Site: Sofia airport radar complex;
  • Establishment of a new radar complex. Official contractor Thales Air Systems S.A.S, official subcontractor: Balkantel Ltd;
  • The scope of the contract includes design, factory tests (FAT), site functional tests (SAT) and deliveries, construction works, adjustments, trial operation and entry into normal operation;


  • Installation of remote sensing system NMS “Umbrella” and signal cables. The system is fully developed by Balkantel;
  • Installation of an iron-grid tower, calculated by Eurocode, including steel-concrete foundation, platform, radome radial ring, ladder and electric winch;
  • Installation of pedestal, primary and secondary antennas;
  • Radome mounting in conjunction with adjoining electrical and lighting installations and warning lights;
  • Installing the antenna motor container;
  • Installation of tower lightning protection and earthing;
  • Radar container assembly consisting of two 24 “ISO containers, including steel-concrete foundation and supports;
  • Diesel generator container installation – 20 “ISO container, including steel-concrete foundation and supports;
  • Power supply installation including electrical cables and 4 pcs. electrical switchboards: 1 pc. in a container for diesel generator, 2 pcs. in a radar container and 1 pc. in an antenna motor container;
  • Grounding installation of radar equipment and container for diesel generator;
  • Installation of a diesel generator with automatic control;
  • Installation of a reserved power supply system with two UPS units;
  • Installation of air conditioning system, including 4 pcs. air conditioner for the container with radar equipment;
  • Installation of a ventilation system from louvre grids in a container for a diesel generator;
  • Lighting installation in containers and tower;
  • Installation of a fire extinguishing system;
  • Installation of an access control system;
  • Site works – road pavement and crushed stone embankment;
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NMS system “UMBELLA” for centralized monitoring of main Air Force CINS | Ministry of Defense


The purpose of the Umbrella system is to centrally monitor the Air Force’s main CINS (Communication, Information and Navigation Systems) by expanding the existing CINS surveillance and management systems to a common, Integrated System for Centralized Surveillance and Management (IS-CSM) of the Air Force’s CINS, including the transmission network, the terminal multiplexing and communication equipment, and the Airborne CIS / Air Corridor ASCs to address the following main tasks:

  • Automated processing and transfer of information to assess the situation and discover technical problems in the CINS of Air Forces;
  • Automated and objectively visualize the current situation for CINS of Air Force;
  • Preparation of graphics and text documents;
  • Automate document process control related to CINS planning and management through a subsystem to serve documentary streams;
  • Automating the control and administration activities of the observed systems.

The upgrading and development of the CINS control subsystems to an integrated Umbrella system for centralized monitoring and management of the main CINS providing the VHF/UHF radio communication and communication infrastructure of the Air Force consists of building of a common IP / VPN (virtual private network)  based network that integrates the individual control and management systems into a single system allowing centralized objective control of the status of the main CINS of the Air Force, archiving and statistics processing on information about these conditions.

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