CLIENT: National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC)
TERM: 2013 – 2017
LOCATION: Bulgaria, Sofia – Septemvri – Plovdiv
STATUS: Completed

The project is for the construction of entirely new modern signaling systems in the section Septemvri – Plovdiv and Telecommunications Sofia – Plovdiv and is part of the overall project for modernization of the Sofia – Plovdiv railway line with a total length of 156 km. The modernization of the section September – Plovdiv covers a route with an approximate length of 54 km. The railway line is electrified and two-way.

New interlocking systems are being built at the following stations and adjacent interchanges: Septemvri, Pazardzhik, Ognyanovo, Stamboliyski and Todor Kableshkov.

The ERTMS (ETCS Level 1 and GSM-R) computerized station centralizations with ready-to-use interface for dispatch monitoring and control, an in-between inter-line self-locking with axle counters are built on September-Plovdiv railway line for a speed of 160-200 km / h.

In order to achieve secure voice communication and responsible data transmission in the Sofia – Plovdiv area, the following systems and facilities are built:

  • Optical connectivity between all sites;
  • SDH / PDH transmission equipment;
  • Network data transmission;
  • Dispatch Stations and voice communication systems;
  • Passenger information systems – information boards and sound clock systems;
  • GSM-R system through the whole section;
  • Centralized control and video surveillance systems.