Provisioning of proper and safe work conditions at Balkantel Ltd.

BALKANTEL LTD has implemented a project for the provision of a grant under procedure  BG05M9OP001-1.008 “Good and Safe Labour Conditions” by Operational Programme “Development of Human Resources”

Project name:

Provisioning of good and safe work conditions at Balkantel Ltd.

Main goal:

Improvement of the working environment in Balkantel LTD through provision of good and safe work conditions as well as creating conditions for combining the professional, family and personal lives of the employees.

Specific goals:

  • Improvement of the work conditions and strengthening the health of the work force in the company and decrease in work accidents through the purchase of new, more modern, personal safety kits and special clothing;
  • Encouragement of the geographic mobility of the work force in the country through support for provision of transport for the employees in Balkantel working outside Sofia;
  • Provision of social benefits for the employees. In the scope of the project it is foreseen to provide eating and resting conditions for employees and workers in Balkantel LTD, including purchase of equipment and furniture for the cafeterias in the building of the company.

Project budget:

The project is implemented through the financial support of Operational Programme “Development of the Human Resources” co-financed by the European Union and by the national budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Total ammount: 113 174.75 BGN, of which 96 198.54 BGN EU-funded and 16 976.21 BGN nationally-funded;

Location of project: Sofia, Bulgaria

Duration: 15 months