CLIENT: “Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority” (BULATSA)
TERM: 2016
LOCATION: Bulgaria, Varbitsa
STATUS: Completed

Project goals:

  • Modernization of radar complexes for BULATSA: Site: Traffic radar complex Varbitsa;
  • Rehabilitation of radar complex. Official contractor Thales Air Systems S.A.S, official subcontractor: Balkantel Ltd;
  • The scope of the contract includes design, factory tests (FAT), site functional tests (SAT) and deliveries, construction works, adjustments, trial operation and entry into normal operation;


  • Dismantling of an existing steel structure, radome, primary antenna, pedestal, racks, waveguides, etc.;
  • Installation of adapting ring for fixing a new antenna;
  • Installation of a new pedestal;
  • Mounting a new primary and secondary antennas;
  • Mounting a new radome with a diameter of 17m;
  • Installation of new electric panel and electrical network in radome;
  • Dismantling of an existing secondary radome, secondary antenna, pedestal and steel tower;
  • Installation of a new steel structure;