CLIENT: “Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority” (BULATSA)
TERM: 2016 – 2017
LOCATION: Bulgaria, Sofia airport
STATUS: Completed

Project goals:

  • Modernization of radar complexes for BULATSA: Site: Sofia airport radar complex;
  • Establishment of a new radar complex. Official contractor Thales Air Systems S.A.S, official subcontractor: Balkantel Ltd;
  • The scope of the contract includes design, factory tests (FAT), site functional tests (SAT) and deliveries, construction works, adjustments, trial operation and entry into normal operation;


  • Installation of remote sensing system NMS “Umbrella” and signal cables. The system is fully developed by Balkantel;
  • Installation of an iron-grid tower, calculated by Eurocode, including steel-concrete foundation, platform, radome radial ring, ladder and electric winch;
  • Installation of pedestal, primary and secondary antennas;
  • Radome mounting in conjunction with adjoining electrical and lighting installations and warning lights;
  • Installing the antenna motor container;
  • Installation of tower lightning protection and earthing;
  • Radar container assembly consisting of two 24 “ISO containers, including steel-concrete foundation and supports;
  • Diesel generator container installation – 20 “ISO container, including steel-concrete foundation and supports;
  • Power supply installation including electrical cables and 4 pcs. electrical switchboards: 1 pc. in a container for diesel generator, 2 pcs. in a radar container and 1 pc. in an antenna motor container;
  • Grounding installation of radar equipment and container for diesel generator;
  • Installation of a diesel generator with automatic control;
  • Installation of a reserved power supply system with two UPS units;
  • Installation of air conditioning system, including 4 pcs. air conditioner for the container with radar equipment;
  • Installation of a ventilation system from louvre grids in a container for a diesel generator;
  • Lighting installation in containers and tower;
  • Installation of a fire extinguishing system;
  • Installation of an access control system;
  • Site works – road pavement and crushed stone embankment;