Balkantel participates in the forum “European Labor Days”

Published at 10:50 on 19.01.2021 by Balkantel Team

The HR specialist of Balkantel, Ventsislava Traykova, took part in the first such forum for this year “Careers in Bulgaria”. The forum took place online on January 12th and was part of the European Labor Days campaign.

The purpose of the event was to meet employers with people who are currently looking for a job or will soon do so. The forum lasted 6 hours.

Candidates and representatives of various companies exchanged information on the requirements and conditions of the labor market at the moment.

During the conversations, the HR specialist introduced the candidates for the vacancies in the company.

If you are also interested, you can find more information about them at the following link:

Some of the participants were representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as well as specialists from the Employment Agency.

Thus, in addition to market conditions, job seekers had the opportunity to get acquainted with other aspects of their professional realization.

Namely: the alternatives for acquiring a new or additional qualification, the labor and social legislation in our country, the average salary by sectors, etc.

The Careers in Bulgaria Forum is organized jointly by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Employment Agency.

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„RADIS“ and „UMBRELLA“ in competition with 21 products for BAIT Awards

Published at 10:36 on 18.01.2021 by Balkantel Team


The two main products of the company participate in the most competitive category.

Balkantel took part in the competition for the Awards of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). The RADIS voice communication and control system and the UMBRELLA monitoring system will compete for the votes of the jury in the category “Successful Bulgarian ICT product / service”.

The huge variety of innovative projects that are part of this category is impressive. Among the competitors of our two products there are systems for controlling devices at home, a system for automated management of agricultural processes, as well as software for automatic arrangement and extraction of data from various documents and others.

And this year, the prizes for which applications are submitted are 7. You can find more about the categories on the following website:

The eighth prize to be awarded is the Special Contribution Award. The nominations for it are internal and it will be determined by a jury.

The BAIT Awards are organized for the 10th year under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Balkantel is participating in them for the first time. The winners will be announced in February at a special ceremony.

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Happy Holidays!

Published at 17:59 on 23.12.2020 by Balkantel Team


On the eve of the brightest and warmest holidays, we wish mostly health to all our employees and customers!

May 2021 bring us more good news, smiles and success in all endeavors!

We look forward to the next 12 months with the hope that they will be calmer and the belief that together we will build on what we have achieved in 2020!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the management of Balkantel Ltd.!

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Together we can do more!

Published at 16:30 on 23.12.2020 by Balkantel Team


The past 12 months have been filled with fires, floods, a pandemic that has made the world stop. All these disasters provoked thoughts about the most important things in life, namely to be together, to be healthy and to help each other.

Traditionally, holidays are the time when charity is most often talked about. However, since the establishment of Balkantel Ltd. (, it has its own tradition of helping the needy. And Balkantel Ltd. does it all year round, turning it into much more than just charity. For years, in addition to various donation campaigns such as the “Bulgarian Christmas”, the company supports various causes in which it truly believes.

One of them is Father Ivan’s orphanage in Novi Han. The priest cares for people left without anyone, as well as for entire disadvantaged families. (

Two other causes that the company is extremely committed to are the Embrace Me studio and the fight of people with autism. For 15 years, the Embrace Me studio ( has enabled abandoned children to rediscover the beauty of the world and their talents in various arts. They are supported by artists, musicians, writers who help them develop their abilities.

As of this year, part of the projects that Balkantel Ltd. supports is the creation of a dwelling place for wintering of turtles in the Center of the Gea Chelonia Foundation near Nessebar. The construction process is long and divided into three stages, the first of which is already a fact. (


One of the causes that has grown into a real friendship is that of the teacher Mariana Pencheva from Veliko Tarnovo, who adopted 10 of her students. During the isolation in March, the company helped provide enough devices for children to learn. But their help does not stop there.

In every difficult moment, Mariana Pencheva and her children know that they have someone to rely on. As a gratitude for everything, this year they have made their own gifts for everyone who is close to them. Mariana says that for them December is always special and full of many activities:

“In December, we organize Christmas karaoke, Christmas workshops for making Christmas cards, toys and gifts that we give to people who have made our year better. Christmas is a celebration of goodness, so it is important to bring joy to those who do not have. Every year we give presents to children from children of poor families. This year’s distribution is even more special, because most of the things are handmade and also warm clothes, toys and whatsoever. In December we organize a Christmas concert, this year it is virtual. 

There is a real harmony in their home, and the festive mood is felt all the time. Along with all the tasks and events around the holidays, they have time to think about everything they have done in the past 1 month.


“In our home, the end of each year is an occasion for balance and gratitude. Christmas is our family’s favorite holiday. Preparations for it begin in early December with our annual challenging Christmas calendar. Every day is dedicated to something interesting, related to the holiday and doing good deeds. This year the children surprised me with a calendar made for me personally and now we have two to perform, which makes the days interesting. Christmas is a time for family, tradition, love and understanding. We have prepared many surprises for all friends. “


Despite the year full of difficulties and challenges, Mariana Pencheva and her girls and boys look at everything with a smile, and remain positive about what awaits us.


“Our wish is to thank that we are alive and well, to embrace our loved ones and hopefully 2021 is the happiest year and the best is yet to come.”

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The turtle center near Nessebar with a valuable acquisition

Published at 10:00 on 04.12.2020 by Balkantel Team

In a year like 2020, good news is becoming increasingly rare. Global issues, such as the reduction of natural diversity, remain in the background.

However, there are people who are struggling to preserve one of Bulgaria’s natural resources. Namely, the two species of tortoises – Greek tortoise and Hermann’s tortoise, which live in our country. These are Ivo Ivanchev and Iva Lalovska.

Ivo is the founder and manager of the Gea Chelonia Foundation. In the endeavor, inseparable from him is Iva Lalovska, with whom she has been a team for 13 years.  They are the only two people who take care of the turtles. Thanks to the financial support from the leading engineering company Balkantel Ltd., in the coming months the first stage will be completed – the clearing and demolition of the old buildings and pouring of the foundation. Also, one dwelling will be built.

But how does it all start?

In 2007 the center for breeding and rehabilitation of land turtles was established by Ivo Ivanchev. Together with Iva, to this day they continue to fight for the protection of these animals in our country.

“Every year we receive, treat and release several hundred turtles – sick, wounded, injured by long captivity or found in places uncharacteristic of them. As they recover, some of them create a generation. Some of the newly hatched babies are released as early as next spring, and others – weak and sick babies – are raised until the age of three and subsequently released. In this way, we restore the population of turtles in places where they have already greatly decreased or disappeared.” says Iva.

Despite the difficulties, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, this year in the center hatched 182 turtles of the two species inhabiting the country – Greek tortoise and Hermann’s tortoise. The active season for Iva and Ivo is from April to October. This year, preparations for it coincide with the state of emergency. At that time, the much-needed disinfection materials “disappeared” from the trade network.

“The main limitation during the state of emergency was related to travel – on the one hand the more specific purchases we get from the big cities, and on the other – we had to comply with the places for releasing turtles with the allowed limits, ie. we could not go beyond the borders of the district and release turtles brought from Veliko Tarnovo, for example. It was also a problem to drive turtles for radiography to the big cities where this is done.”

But the pandemic has another good side for them. Because human pressure on turtles decreases and severe cases of road accidents are much less. Since May, the flow of turtles and visitors to them has returned to normal and their season has been busier than the previous year.

In the middle of the summer, the leading engineering company Balkantel Ltd. contacts them. The company develops active charitable activities and, helping the Gea Chelonia Foundation, helps to protect the two species of tortoises that live in Bulgaria and are highly endangered species. Thanks to their support, Iva and Ivo return to an idea that has been waiting to be realized for years. The creation of a separate sector for wintering of the turtles.

“This will be a heated dwelling, divided into three sectors, in which the largest turtles will be able to enter and exit on their own. It will help significantly for the problem of space, as we have now set aside living space for these animals, as well as the problem of carrying those turtles that will grow to 100 kg. by weight. There is also added value – to one side of the building, which will be built with the financial support of Balkantel, a corner with a shed will be built, which will be used for the purposes of our children’s camps. There, the children will be able to eat, rest in the shade, study outdoors, create and play.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that this project has existed as an idea in our heads since the establishment of the Center more than 10 years ago. “

Currently, the project is already underway. In the coming months, until the beginning of winter, the first stage will be completed – the clearing and demolition of the old buildings and pouring of the foundation. In the next two stages, three separate dwellings with an area of ​​at least 12 sq.m. will be built from thermal panels. They will maintain a healthy temperature for turtles – from 28 degrees during the day to 15 at night.

The future building will solve several important issues for us – it will take the big turtles, which, as numerous, need more space; will solve the problem of transporting the turtles that are over 100 kg from the outdoor sectors indoors, because they will be able to move on their own; will free up living space; will help store all tools, instruments, tools, substrate and materials in one place.”

“The covered corner of the building, which will have numerous functions, will satisfy our needs for a shady place in the open (the yard of the Center is completely sunny), where we can welcome our visitors, guests and especially the participants in the children’s camps. There they will be able to eat, rest, study, create and play.”

The whole project, which is a dream come true for Ivo and Iva, will cost nearly 20,000 levs. They say that their long-term plans for the development of the center have already changed. For now, however, they are still being considered. But they are categorical:

“When we have solid support, as we do in the face of Balkantel, we can look boldly into the future and build change.


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Balkantel having a presentation at the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport

Published at 17:00 on 30.10.2020 by Balkantel Team

Representatives of Balkantel Ltd. met with students of VTU “Todor Kableshkov” majoring in “Communication and Security Equipment” and “Communication and Computer Equipment and Systems”.

The meeting was planned as a presentation of the company about the activities it performs and the products it creates. But it quickly turned into a discussion in which the students calmly asked the questions that interested them most. Most of them were related to the staff sought by the company and the qualifications and experience needed. Dr. Lyudmil Ivanov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Railway Signaling, Automation, Communication and Industry (RASTIA) and Ms. Ventsislava Traykova, human resources specialist at the company, listened carefully to all the questions from the students. They spoke as comprehensively as possible about the company’s activities and opportunities for internship programs and work.

The meeting lasted more than an hour and was held in the laboratory of “Technical means for management in insurance systems”. At the beginning of the school year, it was renovated by Balkantel Ltd. All students shared that they are extremely happy with the new working conditions in the laboratory. It gives them the opportunity to improve their skills with the latest technologies in this field.

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Balkantel is participating in the “Career Day” forum in TU-Sofia

Published at 16:00 on 14.10.2020

by Balkantel Team

This month, Balkantel participated for the first time in the “Career day” forum at Technical University Sofia. During the one-day event, students from 1st to 4th year had the opportunity to get to know the company’s activities. Balkantel’s two main products were of particular interest – web-based monitoring system “Umbrella” and voice communication and control system “Radis”. All the students who visited the stand received special souvenirs from the company. The “Career day” exhibition in TU Sofia takes place with a significant interest from the part of employers, students and educators, whose mutual work is a guarantee for the successful development of the technological sector in Bulgaria.

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Successful end to Balkantel’s participation in the HEMUS 2020 exhibition

Published at 15:00 on 05.10.2020

by Balkantel Team

Balkantel Ltd. participates for the second time at the specialized international exhibition for defense equipment and services “Hemus”. Within five days, many Bulgarian and international delegations got acquainted with the two main products of the company:
• UMBRELLA NMS – Integrated system for centralized monitoring of critical communication and information systems
• RADIS VCCS – Voice communication and control system
Balkantel expresses its sincere gratitude to the Hemus Foundation and the Ministry of Defense for the excellent organization of the exhibition, as well as for the award received, personally presented by Deputy Minister of Defense Anatoliy Velichkov. We look forward to the next edition of the exhibition in 2022.

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With 9 children during a pandemic? Mission possible!

Published at 10:50 on 15.09.2020 by Balkantel Team


The year 2020 brought us unexpected experiences. Made us closer to our closest ones, distance us from others. There were people for whom it was a real challenge to survive at home with their families during these months of trial. Four or five people in one place, and can you imagine being ten people, of whom 9 children?

This is exactly what happened in Mariana Pencheva’s home. 7 years ago, the teacher from Veliko Tarnovo became a second mother for 10 of her students from extremely poor families. Since then, she has taken care of them not only at her own expense, but also thanks to benefactors. Her house is never quiet and boring, and it can’t be.

And, during a state of emergency, because of the coronavirus, when everyone stays at home, it gets even better.

Despite the chaos of the various children’s curricula, the lack of computers and an internet connection that is strong enough, Mariana and her 9 girls and boys are really happy to be together. And the lack of social contacts strengthens the connection between them.

“We are taught to look at the good side of life and a little philosophically. Each child’s daily activities were in accordance with the school hours, but there was time for games, fun moments, time for creation, learning, sharing, and the best thing was that we kneaded bread with the children, prepared delicious cakes, pancakes, delicacies. I think we realized how lucky we are to be together, despite the situation. “, shares Mariana.

Indeed, it is a great fortune to have such a united family.

But it is just as much a responsibility. Homework and classes are done on a strict schedule to keep things running smoothly. “Personally, my work has increased in volume, as I work at the school as a pedagogical advisor and have helped teachers, parents and children, but I have successfully combined school with activities with my children.”

There are difficulties, of course. And they are related to the material provision of everyday living conditions.

“I deeply believe that the right people and the right things always happen to us on time. I am happy and grateful to say that many friends and people who support us and believe in us have reached out and over time we have been provided with everything necessary for the normal course of the learning process. Some of the people who gave us a hand at this moment is the Durchevi family, owners of the Balkantel company, and their help is invaluable. “

“Since they have learned about us and our cause, they have always been involved and helped us and supported us all year round, lending a hand for the needs we have, because the main thing with us is that everything happens in good faith and without people who are ready to help, without benefactors to lend a hand in difficult times, we could not cope. Our country needs people to invest in the future, helping the children of Bulgaria, and I am grateful to know them. “

This is no longer a one-time charity event or some kind of charity at all. It is a way of life that creates a wider community in which everyone helps each other, not just at Christmas. For Mariana, this is a mission.

“I think every person is born with a mission on this earth and I am happy to know my own. I teach children that giving brings the greatest happiness in life, so we help many more children from babies to youngsters every year, their number is more than 150, both for the first day of school and during the school year and during the winter – with clothes , shoes, toys, books, textbooks, backpacks and everything they need. The children are from different settlements in Tarnovo district and Gabrovo district. Some of them are my former students, some of them I know from my volunteer work. “

And, in the context of a global pandemic, Mariana’s family will grow by another member. In the new school year, another child will live in their home as he is first grade.

Pride for Mariana among her children are her first students. Despite the pandemic conditions in everyday life, which complicate the way of life, Mariana is optimistic about the near and not so near future. “I believe that we will have many good moments, more trips to charge us emotionally and new adventures.”


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High-tech meteorological station at Bezmer Airport

Published at 15:00 on 12.09.2020

by Balkantel Team

On 11.09.2020, Balkantel Ltd. successfully completed the project for Upgrading the Stationary Meteorological System MIDAS (CAT. II) at Bezmer Airport. Thanks to the upgrade, the equipment has been completely modernized. The new equipment guarantees higher measurement accuracy, greater reliability, and software solutions that meet the latest requirements in this area. These additions help optimize the work by adding new functionalities.

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